Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Janaka Dharmasena

clip_image002There are blogs that keep you hooked because of the complex ideas that they talk about, and then there are blogs that keep you hooked because of their simplicity in explaining complex subjects. Seven’ by 3′ is one such blog. Janaka Dharmasena, the man behind the blog, is an architect working and teaching in Colombo. His blog is a photographic encyclopedia of the amazing architecture seen in the island nation.

Ranging from structures to films, Janaka talks about how architecture lends a touch of fantasy and in some case authenticity to a setup. This is depicted in his posts about films and the structures seen in these films. One such example is the post about Alfred Hitchcock’s film North By Northwest and The Vandamm House shown in it.


His insights on the matter of Sustainable Construction and Architecture are very interesting. Topics range from subjects like saving Venice from sinking to how to utilize natural light better through improvised architecture. He also gives a handy insight on how normal buildings can be green and it need not be expensive and planned effort to have a green building.


Also, his pictures showcase the futuristic projects that the country has invested in and his blogs is helping in inspiring a new generation of Sri Lankan’s to appreciate their country’s beauty and heritage. Not only that, his page is also a place to find a lot of award winning designs and architecture from around the world.


Although he jokingly admits that he is a not a great writer but it is not just about writing. His blog is more about understanding a very complex discipline of architecture through visual interaction. It is this effort of his that makes, Janaka Dharmasena, our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.


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