How your Personal Branding on Social Media Affects your Recruitment Possibilities

clip_image002If you are still under impression that only your resume and technical & communication skills are considered while recruitments, you need to revise your assumptions, especially if you are a job seeker and active on various social media platforms. Your social media activities have a major impact on your recruitment possibilities.


Television Commercials or Ads on YouTube-What do you choose?

Are brands relying more on YouTube for their advertisements than stereotyped television commercials for their branding?

clip_image002[6]When was the last time you watched a television commercial without cursing the show you are watching for making you go through it? Cannot recall? We guessed so. Now, let’s take YouTube. For short videos on YouTube, it is easier to anticipate when exactly an ad is getting over and whether or not it would pop up again. Things like this influence people’s choice of the platform they want to watch your ads at. The platform of broadcasting your video advertisements is important, but a perfect combination of timing and content is the key here.


Who’s Your Next Best Hire?

image Life is about changes, challenges and victories. To sum it up it’s a roller-coaster ride with ups & downs each day. We all have infinite potential within ourselves. All we lack is the ability to tap that reservoir of opportunities that exist within our life. Hence, here we have a beautiful piece of article written by our HR, Vasudha Misra Agnihotri.

Let’s see what she has to share!



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The Myths and Realities of Experiential Marketing

Blog ImageThere’s no escaping it. ‘Experiential marketing’ has lately emerged as one of the new buzzwords in business, but one needs to analyze how it can be used for their brands? Seeing the brands and the rise of experiential marketing, it is very important for brands nowadays to cut through the noise when consumers are being bombarded with messages and information through a multitude of media channels. With that in mind, one has to ensure and start thinking about how they can get people to experience and talk about their offerings. One has to offer experiences that lead them to communicate; share and advocate your brand to others, who in turn can get interested in your brand.