Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Sajin Seethi

Keeping up to date with mobile technology would be impossible if not for few enthusiastic bloggers who take the pains of finding out about new technologies, new devices and applications, understanding them and writing about the same. It makes life of us simple folks, well simple. One such technology buff is Sajin Seethi.

Sajin, has been writing for almost two years. He loves understanding mobile technology and how things work. He carefully traces every brand’s activities and reports them instantly. He is a big fan of Apple and Android products, although he is not biased in his opinion.

The blog, my mobile scoop, has been developed to give readers a scoop of what is happening in the tech world. It mainly focuses on the mobile news, as according to Sajin, they are the most happening devices in the world. He also does video news, app reviews and more on YouTube. Add to that, the video demos of new phones are something which impressed a lot. The detail with which these videos are produced is simply amazing.

Video Demo

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What is most impressive about his blog is the manner in which he breaks down the information. Knowing very well, that bombarding the user with too much information of very technical nature would leave them dazed and confused, he carefully lists down the main features and the benefits that the user gets from the device. It not only helps in understanding the device better but also makes the reader feel comfortable.

Sajin also does reviews for social media applications for mobile phones, like the Foursquare application for Nokia and the Facebook application launched by Samsung. This not only helps inform the reader about the services but also about the various features of different Social Media Platforms.


Facebook Application Review

Technology is something which not many people understand but in today’s world, technology is mostly sold to such people. Hence, it is very important that someone somewhere takes the effort to make this information available in simple manner. And for doing that, Sanij Seethi is our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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