Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Malini Agarwal

Miss-Malini1Celebrity blogging might have started with the Khans and the  Bachchans of the film industry, but one blog which even these celebrities love to be on is that of MissMalini!!! Suggested as the Indian blog equivalent of Perez Hilton and Pop Sugar, MissMalini is the place to catch up on the most happening events, parties and everything glamorous in India and in Mumbai specifically.

Malini Agarwal, the author of the blog, is a talent pool by herself. She started off her career as a dancer and today she is one of the most popular RJ’s in India. She fondly calls herself Mumbai’s gossip girl. She is also the founder of ‘Friday Club’ which has over 200 members in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Toronto, London, and New York.

In her own words, she tends to write the way she think so it’s mostly a random stream of consciousness… this helps her “keep it real.” But what is the best aspect about her blog is that it features news and information that normal people would never get their hands on but would love to know about.

“Abhay Deol turned up in his yellow jeep and a naughty grin to match! In fact I got him and Dino Morea to pose together for a double eye-candy shot :)”

Capturing the world through her LPC (Little Pink Camera) at page 3 parties and while traveling, her blog is also visual treat with some awesome photographs of exotic locations and celebrities caught having a blast.

“The first thing that strikes you is just how peaceful and scenic it is there… Like walking into a postcard (kid you not, one of the few places I’ve been to that looks exactly like its website photos)
There’s a spotless pool in the middle of four villas”

What more, in true sense of a social blogging, Miss Malini has evolved from being one person writing, to a lot of people contributing towards making this blog a page where every bit of news and information about the glam world is captured. Right across the globe.

And with the true ethos of a blog that talks about the high drama that is played out in the upper echelons of the glamour universe, the page too reflects it through the dramatic writing of Malini Agarwal. A fresh take on every report, makes the blog so much entertaining and fun to be on.

“Tall Dude: Hi, what’s your name? Me: Malini! Tall Dude: No, your last name. Me: *always skeptical about why people ask that question* Agarwal… Tall Dude: Are you Punjabi? Me: No, Marwari! Tall Dude: *high fives me* Me too yaar! Me: *lol* oh cool! Tall Dude: *slightly cheekily* So how come you’re not married? Me: *hold up my ring* I’m engaged! Tall Dude: Oh. *walks away silently*”

It is this light hearted approach towards life and also towards her writing that hooks a reader to the page. In fact, so much so, that if a high profile event was not featured on this page, well, then it was not high profile enough. It is a pleasure for us to announce Malini Agarwal as our “Bloggerati of the Fortnight.


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7 Responses to “Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Malini Agarwal”

  1. Shruti kapadia says:

    yeayyy…!!! Congratulations..MissMalini..!!!


  2. MissMalini says:

    Thanks Mayur, I’m flattered 🙂 xoxo


    Windchimes Communications Reply:

    Its out pleasure to feature you MissMalini.


    Windchimes Communications Reply:

    Its our pleasure to feature you MissMalini


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