Bloggerati of the fortnight: Akanksha Redhu

ARCurrent Position and Organization:
Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Social & Digital Media and Design at Cirare (Designer Label),
Educational Background:
National Institute of Fashion Technology
Blog Name:


Akanksha Redhu is an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger, travel enthusiast and stunning designer residing in New Delhi. She is the one who loves experimenting and is an absolute lover of effortless style which is evident from her own designer label Cirare, which boasts of many creative & attractive designs. For her, to travel is to live! Trying out different cuisines and blogging about food is the next thing that she loves to do.

Akanksha’s passion, creativity and dedication in the world of fashion inspired her to come up with her own blog which talks about chic current styles, trends and fashion as well as new launches in the fashion industry. Her blog is for those fashion enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for good design, quirky styles and awesome fashion.

Her blog posts vary from fashion to music to trends to food followed by trendspotting at the Indian Fashion Weeks, reviews of collections, unique products, jewelry and accessories & other fashion related events. Her blog is categorized into Fashion & Lifestyle, Beauty, Events, Travel and Media.

Fashion Blogging in India, according to Akanksha is booming big time. She feels that unless bloggers and PR professionals grasp the importance of being professional and learning to value their own work and time, its going to be a very messy and frustrating situation.

The suggestion she gives to those new in the field of blogging is that one should write being true to oneself, be consistent with the blog posts and have fun with it!

The latest and upcoming trends related to fashion and style that she shares through her blog everytime for her readers & fashion enthusiasts across, entitles her to be our Bloggerati.

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