Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Imran Uddin

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Current Position and Organization:
All Tech Buzz, CBIT
Educational Background:
Siddhartha High School
Blog Name:


Imran Uddin is the founder of AllTechBuzz living in city of Hyderabad. It’s not been long that he started blogging and has achieved remarkable milestones in a very short time. Currently he is pursuing his Engineering and he blogs whenever he gets free time.

His curiosity and passion to accomplish something great in a small age encouraged him to start blogging. On realizing his interests in programming and web development, he came up with his blog All Tech Buzz, which is a popular trending Technology blog that covers topics related to How to Blog Tips, Technology Tips and Tricks ,Making Money Online, SEO ,Software Solutions and much more about latest Technology.

Initially he had just started sharing tips and tricks related to computers and internet which drew a lot of attention from the youth. It is later that he expanded his blog categories to Blogging tips, SEO, and topics about making money online etc. Whatever he feels is share worthy and can help the readers of his blog in some way he writes about it, the main niche always being technology.

Imran is very optimistic towards life and handles every situation with patience & an optimistic approach. He involves himself completely into whatever he does, whether its studies, sports or blogging. He constantly keeps himself in the learning process. He drives and generates amazing traffic on all his blogs including All Tech Buzz from social media. 70% of the total traffic on all his blogs is served up by social media.

In order to stay updated with latest technological developments and blogs, Imran follows a few blogs and articles on regular basis namely Mashable ,Techcrunch ,Labnol ,Quicksprout, Yahoo News etc. and the list goes on.

For those new in the field of blogging and technology the advice Imran gives to them is that one should be passionate about and involve oneself completely into whatever they do. One should be excellent in what they do and not mediocre. And when it comes to online business, one should not hurry as money can’t be earned overnight; rather one should be patient and apply new strategies in their work to achieve success.

The blogging tips, technology tips & tricks, SEO related topics and the technology related experiences that he encapsulates in his blog everytime for his readers & professionals across, entitles him to be our Blogger of the Fortnight.

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    I really like To read about the Other Blogger’s experiences what they have experienced in their life..


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