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Rahul Kuntala is a computer science graduate turned full-time blogger. Blogging is his passion and therefore he covers everything from blogging tips to content writing and much more on his blog. A resident of Hyderabad, Rahul, through his blog talks about blogging tips and techniques. Rahul’s main goal is to turn as many full-time bloggers as possible through this blog by putting in great efforts into whatever he does.

Rahul, since the start of his blog, focused on distinguishing his blog topics from others in the market. According to him, every blogger should learn Blogging productivity and content marketing. He first implements the blogging tips himself and then writes about them which leads to more user engagement, links, shares and comments on his blog he says. He always suggests people or bloggers to create videos or do podcasts from their experiences which according to him helps bloggers get more response.

He suggests the beginners in the blogging filed to focus on building a loyal community around their blogs and instill credibility in it by offering exclusive content, harness the power of guest blogging and also engage with other bloggers on social media. Rahul feels that when one considers blogging as a business, ideas and thoughts pour in with ease. Networking, passion, consistency and engagement are very essential for successful blogging.

The blogging topics, tips, trends and experiences that he encapsulates in his blog every time for his readers & professionals across, entitles him to be our Blogger of the Fortnight.

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