Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Amit Bhawani

Amit BhawaniBloggerati of the Fortnight

Current Position and Organization:
Partner at Digital World Solutions
Educational Background:
Osmania University
Blog Name:

Amit Bhawani is a full time Blogger; Writer & Director based in Hyderabad and is amongst the top Indian Bloggers. He is an SEO expert, Search Engine optimist and a specialist in Internet Marketing. Currently he is also working on a large portfolio of websites spread in varied niches, to provide the web users with the best information ever available.

His blog features multiple sections like Tech Blog ,Career Blog , India News and many other sections followed by topics on blogging, technical updates, news & health. The intrinsic style of blogging that Amit follows in every blog draws attention of a lot of bloggers. Blogging, as he says was initially a passion for him but now its a blend of passion and full time business.

His blogs apart from receive good traffic and have a good page rank too. Amit Bhawani is a book lover who loves to read tech magazines and online technology related blogs. He always inspires the beginners in the blogging World by encouraging them at all stages through his blog.

Amit always works in targets & motivates his team to make the blog network stronger each day. Through his blog, Amit mostly covers Technology Guides, How to Articles, Laptop & Gadget News, Software Reviews, Blogging Tips & Seo Tricks. He believes that one should always work with a passion & not follow others’ rules; instead follow what one’s heart says to succeed.
Amit says that, “If you have decided that your profession would be Blogging, think that you need to keep writing and writing without missing a day of your life, the way you don’t forget having food every day in your life.”

He himself believes that blogging has given him a good name in the society which is more valuable than the money and because of which one gets to live a better life, have better contacts and also a planned lifestyle.

The topics like technology guides, blogging tips, SEO tips & tricks, laptop & gadget news, how to articles, blogs on software reviews, that he writes about in his blog everytime for his readers and professionals across, entitles him to be our Blogger of the Fortnight.

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