Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Vikram Roy


Current Position and Organisation:
Executive E-Commerce Content & Digital Marketing at
Areas of Expertise:
E-commerce SEO; Online catalogs; Online branding; online Publishing; E-mail marketing; Concept designing; Advertising
Educational Background:
Bachelor of Arts in English from Calcutta University
Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and marketing from Amity School of Communication
Blog Name:  vikram roy’s blog

‘Author, critic and business writer’ is what Vikram Roy uses as his signature after introducing himself in the ‘About me’ section of his blog that he fondly refers to as a philosophy blog. He goes a step further by speaking about the essence of this blog which essentially revolves around science, arts and literature. Now, one would have ideally come across a sea of people on the blogosphere who have done a lot of work pertaining to writing on these subjects. What distinguishes Vikram are a bevy of accolades that he has lapped up and the level of engagement he has with his readers. Part of it comes from the success of his Amazon bestseller, “The Alchemist A mystery in three acts”.

For a first time visitor of the blog, it most definitely strikes as a forum rich in content; fine arts and philosophy blends effortlessly in his posts that touches the reader in subtle ways. Aesthetically, the posts are well laid out and most posts are assisted by carefully adjusted and artful pictures, a visual supplement to aid the reading pleasure, so to speak.

There are tabs on the page that are clearly demarcated in the header. One of these topics also highlights his reviews for films that he wrote for ‘IMDb’, a popular portal that houses reviews and rankings of world movies. The other key segment/tab is exclusively dedicated to his playwright venture, ‘The Alchemist’ that lets the reader form an opinion basis the description and other relevant details one goes through before picking up a book off the racks.

A free thinking and philosophical blog such as this warrants recognition and hence we deem it absolutely critical to feature Vikram Roy as our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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