Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Murtaza Ali

MurtazaCurrent Position and Organisation:
Content Writer and Sports Editor at F1India.Org; Editor at DSM Chronicle (Business Magazine of Delhi School of Management)
Areas of Expertise:
Creative Writing, Digital Marketing, Film Criticism, Sports Writing
Educational Background:
MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain Management from Delhi School of Management, Delhi Technical University (Formerly DCE); Bachelor in Technology in Electronics and Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia
                                       Blog Name: A potpourri of Vestiges

Cinema and films today are at the mercy of film makers who are caught up in the frenzy of commercialization and mass entertainment. This blog is an attempt on Murtaza’s part to enlighten the masses about the glorious cinematic jewels of the by-gone era that are fast fading into obscurity. In its essence, A potpourri of Vestiges is a celebration of cinema’s artistic form highlighting those who have been instrumental in contributing to the legacy and are regarded in the world of celluloid as the finest.

As is evident from the posts, titles are fairly indicative of the story covered. While some chronicle the style and modus operandi of film makers over the ages along with their best films, others are critical reviews of films that have been featured on the ‘internet movie database (IMDB)’. Reviews of films are mostly assisted with a comparative fact chart that lists ratings by Murtaza himself along with the other essential pointers such as the Imdb ratings, genre, cast, language, country, runtime and colour.

If you are as bent as us to lay a lot of emphasis on the richness of the language and quality of content, then Murtaza has done a fabulous job in taking us readers through a spell binding journey of cinematic excellence. His ability to deliver a superior biography-like reading experience is reflective of his keen eye for detail.

As an opening quote to the blog by none other than Jean-Luc Godarrd himself, floating on the top as a masthead it reads, “Beauty is composed of an eternal, invariable element whose quantity is extremely difficult to determine, and a relative element which might be, either by turns or all at once, period, fashion, moral, passion.”; this blog is nothing less than justifying every essence of the quote. Needless to say, why it is justified to merit Murtaza Ali as our Bloggerati of the fortnight.

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