Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Subhorup Dasgupta


Current Position and Organisation:
Freelance Educator, Writer, Artist and Musician
Areas of Expertise:
Quality Assurance and Quality Systems; Training; Security systems; Human Resource Development; Blogging; Social Looping; Social Media Content; Corporate Communications; Web Design and Development; Digital Communications
Educational Background:
Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University
                                        Blog Name:  Subho’s Jejune Diet

A man who previously donned many hats as a copywriter, market researcher, addiction counselor, yoga instructor and a medical transcriptionist is the rare and eclectic Subhorup Dasgupta. After having touched upon many cities during his initial years, Subho, as he is fondly referred to as, by his friends and family, is now settled in Hyderabad. His blog is a planned venture with a single minded focus on helping others bring about a positive change in their lives.

Subho’s Jejune Diet, as Subhorup himself puts it across, is “a tested way to happiness, contentment and success in a world overrun by vanity and greed. This blog emphasizes the importance of what we feed on intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.”

His posts are essentially documentation of his personal experiences and opinions on various subject matters that he had come to excel in over the years. The topics covered in the blog range from matters pertaining to health, treatment, cooking, natural food to counseling, creative arts, poetry et al and a lot more. As a true mark of someone who sticks to his beliefs and vision; justifying his blog title, Subho, writes with childlike curiosity that allows him to touch upon a vast expanse of matters and lucidity that resonates with its readers. For a seasoned writer who knows how to establish connect with his readers, he definitely emerges a winner.

Aesthetically, the blog is well laid out with clear sections and photographs assisting most posts. The blog template is not jarring to the eyes and makes for a smooth read. As far as the flow of the post is concerned, it’s compelling to say the least while the titles to his post are most catchy making sure that it grabs the eyeballs.

A blog title that reads as ‘simple thinking, responsible living, joyous being’ and the posts that most of us can relate to and admire without deviating attention, entitles Subhorup to be our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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