Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

siddhartha_vaidyanathanSiddhartha Vaidyanathan, popularly known as Sidvee, is a journalist based out of greater New York City area. Having said that, to bracket Siddhartha as just a journalist would be a gross understatement. Sidvee, who has by now, already earned the distinction of contributing to Forbes, Chicago Journal, The Daily Telegraph and BBC world service is an avid cricket enthusiast. Something that doubles his credibility is the fact that he had previously held the position of an Assistant Editor at ESPNcricinfo for almost half a decade. He is currently engaged as a reporter with Bloomberg News. He has also been instrumental in setting up the popular quizzing platform on Twitter bearing the handle name @kweezzz, for general and brand specific quizzes.

Siddhartha’s blog is a reflection of someone who has nurtured the art of story-telling with a special focus towards cricket. This kind of skill only comes to someone who has a keen eye for detail. Each post forces the reader to visualize the game in its most intrinsic sense. Most importantly it makes one feel the sport, the religion that is cricket. . Unlike most bloggers, Siddhartha doesn’t make short posts over regular intervals. His posts come in every once in a while and are in form of short stories. His signature style of blogging is mostly narrative and based on hard facts.

In terms of aesthetics, the blog is simple, straight forward and clutter-free. Each post is characterized by a mast photograph that is akin to a Facebook cover photo before the actual tale commences. Pretty evident from his blog, it appeals to readers who are suckers for the written word. By the end of each post it makes sure, just like most stories do, a message is driven home and the reader leaves fully aware of what the writer intends to say. Such laden are the posts that almost all of them guarantee comments that run into long threads of interaction between him and the followers.

Although cricket is what most of his posts are about, few of them address his fondness towards other sports such as tennis and football too. Sidvee, sure is a connoisseur when it comes to blogging and his ability to provide us readers with the sheer joy of reading if not just romancing cricket entitles him to be our Bloggerati of the fortnight.


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