Bloggerati of the Fortnight: K. Satyanarayan

K.Satyanarayan_PrayatnaA prominent name in Media and Publishing industry, Mr. K. Satyanarayan is deeply involved in the field of education and entrepreneurship. Mr. Satyanarayan was instrumental in setting up Cricinfo India before it merged with Wisden in 2003.

His blogs, Education in India, offers a distinct platform for academicians and others alike who seek information about the latest happenings in the education industry. From posts on grass root level primary education issues and scopes to changing scenarios in education across states to technology and seminars held at national levels, his blogs cover the spectrum of education like no other.

Most of the posts are direct insights and information that are made available in the simplest of manner. With a no frill and simple outlook, the blog provides information on issues such as admission into institutions, schools, submission procedure, constitutional amendments in the field of education etc.

His blog is also a great place to come across various articles on education from across the web. In fact, so detailed is his research that he has even gone to the extent of providing the information on education as debated in the parliament.

In his other blog he talks about his current industry, Media and Publishing, wherein the sustainability and growth prospects of various Indian languages are addressed. The prolific growth of Indian writers of books in English language vis-à-vis the dwindling number of writers who write in vernaculars is just one of the areas where he shares his views on.

Mr. Satyanarayan charts out the growth of education in India for the future generations through his simple writing style which is a mix of first person narrative and a third person account of happenings in and around the industry. Working tirelessly with complete dedication towards such a noble cause surely entitles Mr. K. Satyanarayan to be our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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