Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Paavani Bishnoi

She is a dreamer and a nature lover who is an industrial designer and into colors. She is also a Photographer, tweeter, trends spotter, toy & game designer but above all, a blogger par excellence. That is how our blogger of the fortnight, Paavani Bishnoi can be described.

A post graduate in Industrial Designer from National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad, India) and bachelors in Information Technology, Paavani is an avid blogger. Blogging since early 2003, Paavani loves exploring the unseen with camera lens and at times experimenting with edibles items in her kitchen and if there is a mood swing, she also indulges in instant poetry.

But what is amazing about her blog is that it covers a plethora of topics. Right from advertising and brands to designing and poetry. Not the one to shy away from anything, Paavani has gone on to give quite an in-depth review of technology products such as mobile phones and also written about category facts for Indian Potato chips market.

Not that people don’t write about these sectors, it is the fact that while she writes crystal clear analytic posts on such topics here travel posts are poetic and dreamy. “Spending two days at -15 degree in Finland was really freezing. But I liked Helsinki, it was warm in an unknown way.”

Paavani is the first to accept that she is not a poet by nature but more of instantaneous poet. She describes that her poems are born out of sudden connect with few words which she then weaves in to a flow and produces a master piece.


आँसू बहूमूलय या बारिश की बूँद,कया पता
गरज कर बरसे,या चुपचाप हूए लापता।
वो बडती धङकन थी, या बिजली की कङक
दूर छूपे है इतने जहॉ ना जाती कोई सडक।
सूनहरी धूप से झाँकते रूई के गौलौं
हाथौ से ना पकङौ, नजरौ से टटलौ।

Like most bloggers, Paavani too is a clever photographer. Her images come across as true and genuine by themselves. They are like an artist’s inner most thoughts being projected to the world.


It is the sheer brilliance of Paavani that her blog can narrate on so many topics with such ease and comfort that the reader feels he is being exposed to an expert’s opinion in every field that the blog touches upon. Not many can achieve this level of writing and for that Paavani Bhisnoi is our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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