Bloggeratis of the Fortnight: Savita Pillai & Madhu Nair

In 2009, my wife and I decided to go off on an extended trip with no definite end date. We are into our second year and not sure when we would like to stop,” says Madhu Nair, co author of the blog 10 Year Itch. Madhu and his wife, Savita Pillai, wanted to try out something they had been dreaming of for a long time, a multiyear trip through India.

So on the occasion of their tenth anniversary, Savita and Madhu quit their jobs, sold everything back in the US, and flew down to India on 14th Oct 2009 with their 4-year-old golden retriever Shayna. They wanted to experience life to the fullest and build memories that would last a lifetime. And their journey has proved to be just that.

“I’m not sure how often I will write in this blog but hope to update it with details of every little step we take towards the trip. And then once it truly happens, I hope to blog daily… hope! hope! hope!” wrote Savita in her first post.

10YearItch is a chronicle of their journey through India as they explore, dream, and (re)discover themselves. Over the years, they have visited 20 states of India. From Tamil Nadu in south to Jammu and Kashmir in north. From Meghalaya and Assam in the east to Gujarat and Rajasthan in the west, Madhu and Savita have been across this huge land.

They have fond memories from as varied locations as world heritage sites such as Taj Mahal, Humayun’s Tomb, Churches from across Goa, Caves in Maharashtra to national parks like Kaziranga, Sunderbans, Gir and Bandhavgarh.


Savita at India Gate, New Delhi

Their journey and the posts on each place they visit is now a ready reckoner for a lot of people who want to plan their visits to these places. In fact, this has helped them spin of a blog based travelers’ support group where they custom design tour itineraries based on travelers’ interests, needs and budgets.

That also means that their recommendation of places where they have stayed makes a great impact to people who take their help for planning their own journey. From guest houses in Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh to National Park stays in camps and resorts, Savita and Madhu have shared their experience with smallest of details including address, contacts and a personal rating on a scale of 1 to 10.


Another awesome feature about this blog is the photo journey that Savita and Madhu take us from time to time. Many would agree that a photo can say a thousand words, and many places can only be seen to experience the beauty of the place. Our travelers have tried capturing such places through the magic of photography. In fact, some of the photos can almost transport you to the location.

                Leh 1


Not many people have the courage to chase their dreams. Fewer still are willing to share their experiences of following their dreams and inviting others to experience it themselves. It takes a real desire to rediscover themselves as well as the land they are travelling that can result in something like the 10YearItch project. For showing this courage and the desire to live the life to fullest, Savita Pillai and Madhu Nair are our Bloggeratis of the Fortnight.


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  2. Vishnu Kumar says:

    Congratulations….yaa, It needs strength to chase down your dreams…


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