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The thin line between driving away or driving in consumers

This is a guest blog post by Atibhi Mehra – specialist in mobile space As I was waiting to board my flight, I got just another –  push notification. My first instinct was to ignore it but this time I read closely, this  notification informed  me of the restocking of a particular set of rechargeable batteries I wanted desperately and were out of stock. Was this information of value ? Surely . Did I click on the notification and go to the app? Of course, I did. Did this provider manage to make a mark among other shopping apps I have? Motivate  me ...

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The Myths and Realities of Experiential Marketing

Blog ImageThere’s no escaping it. ‘Experiential marketing’ has lately emerged as one of the new buzzwords in business, but one needs to analyze how it can be used for their brands? Seeing the brands and the rise of experiential marketing, it is very important for brands nowadays to cut through the noise when consumers are being bombarded with messages and information through a multitude of media channels. With that in mind, one has to ensure and start thinking ...

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Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing to Capitalize On!

imageAs the days are passing by, more and more innovations are happening. And these innovations bring along, an array of opportunities for all the mediums that brands can integrate into their marketing strategy. Among these, one of the most evolving mediums now is ‘Mobile’. Most of you would agree on this as Mobile advertising now, is not only considered as the second screen by most brand evangelists, but is also being looked upon for capitalization. As mentioned earlier, mobile is one of the fastest growing platforms for commerce and keeps the consumers ...

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