Who’s Your Next Best Hire?

image Life is about changes, challenges and victories. To sum it up it’s a roller-coaster ride with ups & downs each day. We all have infinite potential within ourselves. All we lack is the ability to tap that reservoir of opportunities that exist within our life. Hence, here we have a beautiful piece of article written by our HR, Vasudha Misra Agnihotri.

Let’s see what she has to share!


As most people say, Motherhood is a challenging and enriching experience and so rightly it happened with me.

Each day starts off with a new adventure and ends with new experience. A lot of new moms often end up giving up their career because they often find it difficult to balance out their home and work life.

It’s time that we break the myth that only a dedicated mother can be the best mother. Today lakhs of young mothers are driving the change by starting their career in social and digital media agencies.

Our lives are constantly revolving around social media platforms so be it 12 years or 70 years, we see each one of us plugged on to our smartphones either chatting or visiting profiles of our long lost friends.

Such interesting and vibrant is this field with budding talents and creativity. So where’s the space for new moms? Well, the new mom is the new set of target employee that brings a new flavor to this field.

The pros of working with a social/digital media agency like Windchimes Communications is that it gives you flexibility and opportunity to work things around as per your schedule and availability and that’s one of the reason why it is becoming a popular career choice amongst the new mothers.

The competency and strength that a new mom will bring on board is her ability to multi-task, adaptability, ready to re-learn and handle difficult pressures and deadlines. Don’t we think it’s the perfect combination of ‘chai with bun maska’ to have on-board & handle the bunch of new talent?

She has seen it all and they are ready to take it all!! The new talent is full of energy and she knows how to channel their energy. While she will have her own set of challenges but she is now bestowed with best of energies & power to tackle any and every obstacle that comes her way.

In my opinion, the best target hire for mid to senior level hiring should be a new mom who is willing & seeking for that growth and wants to bring the change – not only for herself but for the organization she would be a part of!

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