Bloggerati of the fortnight: Deeba Rajpal

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Food Blogger @ Passionate About Baking, Freelance Food Writer, Recipe Developer & Tester, Food Styler
Educational Background:
Delhi University
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Deeba Rajpal is a freelance food writer and blogger, recipe developer and stylist from Gurgaon. Food has always been her passion and hence in order to express her passion for food styling, food photography, recipe development, product reviews and a lot more, she came up with her blog

‘Passionate About Baking’ is a recipe cum food blog where Deeba talks about baking, cooking, photography, food trends, cuisines and cultures; that too with a stroke of beauty. She has designed the blog in a way that talks about ‘Doing food from scratch’.

She is a non conformist, passionate & ‘rabid’ baker and blogger, for whom visual appeal holds as much significance as healthy and delectable food. Any idea that grabs her fancy becomes a springboard for creativity. She is obsessive about food styling, food photography & recipe development and enjoys cookbook/product reviews.

Adding to her list of creativity and passion is The Rabid Baker, under the name of which she writes an online baking blog for The Times of India.

Not just this, her interests also include travel, nature and lifestyle photography. She loves the vibrancy and character of everything Indian. That rules her soul!

The latest and upcoming and new trends related to food, photography and product reviews that she shares through her blog everytime for her readers & food industry enthusiasts across, entitles her to be our Bloggerati.

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