Bloggerati of the fortnight: Karishma Rajani

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Blogger, Writer & Street style photographer
at Purple Peeptoes

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Karishma Rajani is a blogger; writer and street style photographer based in Mumbai and the one who strongly believes that ‘Art inspires design which inspires pictures’. Looking at the world in frames is what makes her so great with her work. Trying to encapsulate moments in time that have left her infinitely inspired. And she does hope that her blog leaves one feeling just the same.

Karishma believes that the necessity to share personal style with the world is the mother of invention for outfit blogging. Interestingly, she herself began by shooting herself on a two megapixel phone camera. is a street style India Fashion blog that is not only beautifully crafted, but is considered to be an alternate route to mainstream fashion by a lot of beauty and fashion enthusiasts.

She does not consider herself to be a photographer, but the one who looks at the world in frames. She is an avid writer who tries to encapsulate moments in time that left her infinitely inspired. And hence, she hopes her blog also leaves the readers feeling just the same. Anyone who comes to her blog, stops by it everytime to read through the beautiful piece she has crafted the blog into!

The latest and upcoming trends related to style and fashion that she shares through her blog everytime for her readers & fashion enthusiasts across, entitles her to be our Bloggerati.

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