Bloggerati of the fortnight: Rhea Gupte

imageCurrent Position and Organization:
Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger at FUSS, Freelance Model & Occasional Writer
Educational Background:
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
Blog Name:


There is a certain boldness and style that can make anyone turn their heads and notice Rhea Gupte, the fashion blogger, model, stylist and writer. Powerful and elegant in the same breath, Rhea brings together distinct elements of fashion, style and latest trends with a class. It’s her passion in the world of fashion, beauty and style, which inspired her to come up with her blog

Rhea is a Mumbai girl, who loves to shop and dress up. Fashion is her obsession and she is someone who is considered to have a magic beauty and an unusual smile that very well compliments her fashion and personality.

Fuss (Fashion Unzipped | Street Style) is a personal style and fashion blog documenting Rhea’s style, inspirations and latest trends and news in the world of fashion. It is here where she creates an online visual diary of her everyday style and documents her taste in clothing, accessories and beauty.

For the love of traveling and exploring different cities, the Mumbai born and brought up blogger/model had made Bangalore her home for the past four years after which she settled in Mumbai for a while, only to take off to the visual paradise of Goa.

The way she creates the content for her blog is fantastic as whatever she blogs about has a beauty of its own. Fuss, very well depicts Rhea’s thoughts and passions a bit edgy and something that people would remember.

The blog that she has crafted so beautifully is an absolute treat to the eyes and is every fashion and beauty enthusiast’s dream. Mind-blowing pictures and amazing content is what blends to form ‘Fuss’.

The latest and upcoming trends related to fashion and style that she shares through her blog everytime for her readers & fashion enthusiasts across, entitles her to be our Bloggerati.

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