Bloggerati of the fortnight: Aayushi Bangur

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Fashion & Beauty Blogger at
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Economics Graduate
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Aayushi Bangur is a fashion and beauty blogger living in Mumbai. She is an economics graduate passionately inclined towards fashion. This driving passion for fashion, beauty, art of mixing and matching, styling and embellishing, juxtaposing and merging things and elements of fashion to create master pieces in the simplest ways encouraged her to come up with her own blog

Styledrive, her blog that documents her fashionable journey is an alternative perception to fashion, style and its related nuances. It’s a blog that encompasses current trends, styling ideas and product reviews.

Aayushi is a student by day and the one who turns into a fashion soldier by sundown, bringing to the world her ideas and taking on trends and styles she thinks should be spread and celebrated. Aayushi’s interests have always been in exploring shoes, bags, fabrics, rings with large stones, hair bands that have enormous bows or roses on them, various genres of music, books with open endings, candy in bright colours, movies straight from the 60’s, small shops in tiny lanes and raiding large shops during sales and blogging about it.
In her blog, Aayushi pours her heart and soul into crafting a great blend of colours, patterns, textures and graphic visuals.

Her blog is minimalistic, easy to browse and clutter-free with great pictures. The way she experiments with personal style, the versatility of her wardrobe, accessorizing every look of hers to perfection and then crafting it beautifully in her blog is something that makes readers coming back to her blog. Beautiful indeed!

The latest and upcoming trends related to beauty, style and fashion that she shares through her blog everytime for her readers & beauty enthusiasts across, entitles her to be our Bloggerati.

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