Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Purna Duggirala

Purna DuggiralaBloggerati of the Fortnight

Current Position and Organization:
Chief Excel Officer –
Educational Background:
Indian Institute of Management, Indore
Blog Name: is run by CEO Purna “Chandoo” Duggirala out of Vishakhapatnam, India. Purna Duggirala, the CEO or the Chief Excel Officer as he is known as is an MBA from IIM Indore and Computer Science graduate from Andhra University. Chandoo is his nick name and the name with which he has named his site too He has always been very passionate about Data Analytics and Visualization and therefore his blog is his platform for sharing his learnings about Microsoft Excel and new ways of presenting data.


He shares amazing tips on excel, in fact everything about it so that one becomes awesome in MS Excel. His blog was launched almost a decade ago. According to Purna, his blog has made him a better person and communicator as he is able to explore more, learn more and connect with a wider audience across the globe and exchange ideas freely. His blog has also been featured on renowned newspapers, books, LifeHacker, MSN, and BNet.

For those who wish to gain an expertise in excel, is the blog one should follow. Amazingly crafted and interestingly written, the blog is sure to add to one’s excel skills.

For those new in the space, they can start with the tutorials and formulas sections, while those with more knowledge can comb through the tips and forum areas. For those who want to gain more knowledge about excel the blog also has a basic course section as well as financial modeling, and project management options. Define what you want and follow your passion is what Purna tells the beginners in the field.

The blogging topics, tips, trends, internet marketing and writing tips & tricks and the experiences that he encapsulates in his blog everytime for his readers & professionals across, entitles him to be our Blogger of the Fortnight.

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