Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Saurabh Saha

Saurabh SahaBloggerati of the Fortnight

Current Position and Organization:
Author & Founder at TechGYD
Educational Background:
Indraprastha Convent Senior Secondary School
Blog Name:

Saurabh Saha, currently pursuing his graduation from University of Delhi is a passionate blogger, author and an entrepreneur from New Delhi. Saurabh started his first blog InfoIncrement in summer 2012.

He is the founder and CEO of a technology blog Saurabh, through his blog TechGYD gives internet and technology tips and tricks related to blogging world, social media, Mobile OS and troubleshooting problems to the readers and professionals.

He also talks about latest technology trends, consumer technology, Web 2.0 and software reviews through his blog. The blog also comes up with interesting Infographics, photography and artworks to give its readers something out of the box.

Saurabh has great interests in exploring and learning new things and developments in the internet. He has keen interest in a lot of internet games etc. followed by basketball and volleyball. He had also been awarded certificates for creating computer viruses and doing software tweaks both online and offline.

The blog TechGYD respects original work of contributors and provides full credit & exposure to Guest Authors and their content too. Saurabh has always focused on quality of content, social media and newsletter subscribers as he feels these factors play an important role in making a Brand really grand.

The blogging topics, tips, trends, technological updates, software reviews and experiences that he encapsulates in his blog everytime for his readers & professionals across, entitles him to be our Blogger of the Fortnight.

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