Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Nilanjana Roy

imageBloggerati of the Fortnight

Current Position and Organization:
Columnist at Business Standard
Educational Background:
La Martiniere, Kolkata
St Stephens, Delhi University
Blog Name:  Akhond of Swat

Nilanjana Roy is the author of the book ‘The Wildings’ & ‘The Hundred Names of Darkness’ and the editor of ‘A Matter of Taste’. Currently, she writes a regular column for Business Standard and lives in Delhi. She is a writer, author, reader and a cat-herder. She started blogging almost a decade ago and previously wrote a blog called Kitabkhana under the pseudonym Hurree Babu. Her blog Akhond of Swat is an amazing collection of a variety of life’s happenings, books, wildlife, food, journalism, literature and fiction to mention a few.

Nilanjana’s unparalleled style of blogging is known and appreciated across the nation. She has also worked extensively on free speech and censorship issues in India. Her blog also showcases her interests in various subjects and happenings of life.

One cannot avoid having a look at her website which encapsulates her finest thoughts and writings. Beautiful portrayal of thoughts and words, she had put in amazing efforts to add a silver lining to her writing and blogging skill.

The topics like life, books, wildlife, journalism, literature, trends in writing and blogging that she encapsulates in her blog everytime for her readers & professionals across, entitles her to be our Blogger of the Fortnight.

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