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Arun Prabhudesai is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, CEO, Photographer, Thinker and popularly also known as the Jack of many trades. He is an avid internet geek and his interest in the IT & technology world inspired him to come up with his blog which commenced in May, 2007. He started this Blog to keep himself and people updated with the latest trends of Indian Business and buzz associated with startups. Technology and Web 2.0 are also an important part of his blog.

Arun is very passionate about entrepreneurship, business trends and Indian start ups. He also holds interests in the field of Politics, finance, stock markets & technology.

In his Blog,, Arun talks about Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Internet and Web technologies, Web Development , Web 2.0, Online Publishing & Advertising, Start-ups, Business Analysis, Collaboration, E-Learning, , Social Media consulting & WordPress. started as a blog and has now become a multi-authored, more diverse and opinion site.

Arun makes sure to maintain a good quality content on, which helps him get traffic to his blog too. According to him, Social Media applications like Twitter & Facebook also send good amount of traffic to his blog, therefore, presence on social Media space does help. He maintains regular interaction with his readers and other bloggers on his blog and reflects innovation in everything he blogs about.

Arun believes in producing quality content in his blog and suggests the same to the readers and beginners. He believes that in giving value to the community on social media and not just opening a Facebook page. Online monitoring and reputation on social media, according to him is very crucial for bloggers and they should keep a track of what people are talking about them online. Arun says that, “Conversations have moved out from blogs to social media and you can’t ignore them anymore.” And for beginners in the blogging filed he suggests, “If you want to start a blog, be patient; write consistently and passionately.” had also gained recognition at a few places like:

Times Online picked Trakin as one of the Top 10 Indian Business Blogs.
was a part of India Blogs1.0 directory of Popular and Upcoming Indian Blogs.
Trakin was featured in Times of India special report on Blogging completing 10 years

The topics like technology, web, latest business trends, brands and tech trends that he encapsulates in his blog everytime for his readers & professionals across, entitles him to be our Blogger of the Fortnight.

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