Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Vidya Sury

Vidya Sury Bloggerati of the Fortnight

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CLINICOM, Freelance Writer, Business Blogger
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Vidya Sury is a freelance writer and a professional blogger. She is completely in love with coffee, music, books, gadgets, Internet, social networking to name a few. Vidya enjoys blogging, writing and photography.

Result oriented and self-motivated, Vidya’s experiences include work in various industries like office automation, advertising, industrial components, export/import, transport/logistics, sales and marketing, in addition to writing material for training programs.

Vidya writes ebooks and articles for the web, press releases and blogs. She is also the member an independent ethics committee, CLINICOM, which evaluates protocols for clinical trials.
Her blog talks about life, fun, humor, love, trials, errors, relationships, health, tips, resources, technology, experiences, stories, inspiration, life lessons, self development and photography; as she strongly believes that variety is the spice of life. Vidya Sury takes an effort to make everyone believe that ‘we are as young as we’re ever gonna be, these may be the best days of our lives‘.

She started blogging in July 2003 and was fascinated to write anytime & everytime she was in mood. She enjoys writing about everything in life. She is indeed an amazingly inspirational blogger. Very much inspired by routine, Vidya considers herself to be lucky to have one. She loves reading and has an eclectic taste in books and has even subscribed to a lot of blogs as a part of her interests.

Vidya begins her day with meditation & prayer as it’s a great way to relieve stress she feels. Though writing is her full time job; she loves being a full-time mom to her son. She proudly enjoys the perks of being her own boss as her time is flexible and can manage it better.

Poems written by Vidya in her blog are amazing. To her, poetry is a rhyme with reason. She also runs a medical blog where she writes on medical awareness. She has also written guest articles on many health related issues.

Vidya Sury has always been passionate about writing about health-related issues. Her inspiration for ‘Your Medical Guide’ was basically from the experiences she has had with doctors, hospitals and her Mom’s medical conditions. Blogging is a joy for her; and she feels that sharing the blog on social media platforms, visiting other blogs, commenting and guest posting are some of the great ways to promote a blog. Vidya regularly shares or tweets on Facebook and Google+ if she comes across something interesting. She believes that interaction is what blogging is all about as it inspires the blogger and the reader. Therefore, Vidya also loves the discussions that come up and responds to all the comments she receives. And most of the readers mail her or call her to connect to her. They even send her post ideas.

The most gratifying aspects of blogging for Vidya are the connections, the relationships, and the friends she makes. She loves how the world becomes a smaller place as geographical boundaries fade. She feels great to read other blogs and appreciates them. Indian blogs are fabulous according to her.

For beginners the piece of advice she gives is, one should write the blog, have fun whether long or short, one should consistently write and enjoy the process.

One should be very passionate about their blog and interact with other bloggers & be generous about sharing. According to Vidya Sury, blogging is the future. She feels that in this social world where primary interaction is through social media; even top businesses garner the benefits of blogging as they realize that it is all about keeping their audience engaged. Also, blogger outreach programs are a very effective method to create awareness about businesses and their products. People also trust the opinions of their peers and so, blogging is surely the future.

Vidya Sury always walks with a belief that one should always free their mind, laugh a lot and never underestimate the power of their mind to shape their destiny.

The inspirational topics in life that she blogs about, the thoughts and knowledge she comes up with every time for her readers and professionals across, entitles her to be our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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