Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Srinivas Tamada

srinivastamada Bloggerati of the Fortnight

Current Position and Organization:
Tata Consultancy Services
Owner of 9lessons
Educational Background:
Dr M.G.R University
Blog Name: 9lessons

Srinivas Tamada is an Entrepreneur, engineer, blogger, thinker and founder of 9lessons programming blog which is a very popular web development site. This blog covered topics on programming, database, Ajax, PHP, Web Design, apps, CSS etc.

Srinivas lives, eats and drinks web, basically he loves the web. The programmer and developer side of him evolved as a result of his curiosity in the same. He learnt web programming and developing with great interest and still feels he is not a great programmer but a great implementer.

He started his passion for blogging with Google Blogger in August 2008 which was later followed by his first success that was creating a customized blogger template. In order to make people fall in love with his ideas and explain the complicated things in a simple way, Srinivas came up with his blog 9lessons.

Srinivas believes that an organic search or traffic helps one reach real people and one should follow SEO (search engine optimization) rules for greater results. Social media or networking sites are basically for generating viral traffic. Blogging is and always be a strong element providing everyone with lots of internet identity and knowledge.

Blogging changes his life and career completely. He always inspires people to blog of anything they know about perfectly and in a unique way.

The blogging tips, strategies and the knowledge that he comes up with every time for his readers and professionals across, entitles him to be our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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  1. Sany Ahmed says:

    congrats are terrific, advice me how to like you i mean how to be a great implementer as you…..


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