Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Sunil Deepak

sunilCurrent Position and Organisation: Head, medical and scientific support at Italian Association Amici di Raoul Follereau – AIFO

Areas of Expertise: Medicine, history, art, writing, research, photography

Educational Background: University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), New Delhi, India

Blog Name: Chayachitrakar

It is not always that one finds a doctor of high repute and stature who has an uncanny passion for art, environment, films, music, photography and archeology. Add to this repertoire, a genuine inclination to read and write. Sunil Deepak is one such individual who is a classic textbook amalgam of science and nature. What sets him apart from many in his field of work is an acute eye for observation.

His blog, Chayachitrakar, in its most rudimentary sense, is a photo-blog that is presented in quite a unique fashion. The blog employs 3 languages to communicate to its audience, namely – English, Hindi and Italian. The name of the blog (in Hindi) literally translates into ‘painter of shadows’ and justifies its name followed by actions. As Sunil puts it across himself, “My challenge is to find 3 images on the same theme for each post. To look at hundreds of images till I can find something that unites them is a wonderful exercise.”

Dr. Deepak has been traveling around the world for about a quarter of a century and by the sheer nature of his profession and association with an international organization, he has been able to visit the remotest corners of the world. From there on, it becomes only obvious for someone with a passion for photography to capture the stills and take away a piece of Earth every time he gets a chance.

In this blog of his, besides some of his other professional and personal blogs, Sunil reaches out to the audience and bridges the language gap between cultures by going multi lingual. The most appealing part about the post besides the photographs itself, is the title and description given out. First in English and then followed by Hindi and Italian gives it a unique touch. He in fact, takes it a step further in the ‘comments’ section where he replies to each comment posted by graciously replying in the same language. Aesthetically, the blog is quite well laid out and a simple non-flashy presentation makes for a good stay on the page for a first time visitor.

For a doctor whose main areas of work are leprosy and disability to maintain a photo blog that gives insights into the very fabric of diversity in man and nature, it is indeed commendable and this rightfully entitles Sunil to be our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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