Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Harleena Singh

Harleena SinghCurrent Position and Organization:
Owner at; Staff Writer at Health & Wellness Magazine; Freelance content writer at oDesk
Areas of Expertise:
Content writing, Editing, SEO related writing, News and press releases, Blogging
Educational Background:
Bachelor of Education in English and Commerce from Annamalai University; Master of Arts in English from Indira Gandhi National Open University; Bachelor is Commerce from Punjabi University
Blog Name:

Someone who has mastered the art of writing for over a decade and enjoys the various roles that life has presented her with, Harleena, writes for the love of the written word. Her blog entails sharing her experiences of life as she knows it, usually engulfing a multitude of facets. She mostly writes about topics related to family and parenting, love and relationships, health and wellness and last but not the least, inspiration and self-improvement.

Each of her posts address a deep-rooted issue in our society that many of us face on a day to day basis. The manner in which it is presented is akin to that of a counsellor who has a deep understanding of life and its repercussions on an individual. Most topics that are dealt with are something which each individual faces at some point or the other in their lifetime. Be it issues related to dealing with children (parenting) or relationship between a couple or posts that are more holistic in nature as presented in ‘7 easy ways to find inner strength’ and the likes of it. Harleena has been able to touch a chord with most of her blog readers. Needless to say, comments and followers flock in plenty to appreciate her efforts.

Aesthetically speaking, the posts are always supplemented with a photograph and well articulated with highlights, quotes by famous names and often with videos, as and when she deems fit.

Her keen sense of gauging her audience and writing to appeal their senses has fetched her may accolades in the past and in keeping up with the spirit of blogging, she wins herself the title of our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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