Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Amith Prabhu

Prabhu_Amith_lightAmith Prabhu writes a blog like many other tech savvy individuals do. But what makes him a commendable blogger is the fact that his blog addresses and touches upon various facets of Crisis and Communication management, Employees engagement, Brand positioning, Media relations and Strategic planning, all under one roof.

Amith sees himself as a Public Relations practitioner who loves electoral politics, fascinated by brands and enjoys philosophy. Most importantly, the buck doesn’t just stop there. His blog also accounts for much talked about topics of prominence and opinions pertaining to and not just restrictive to, happenings and trends but also sporadic posts about his own personal life as well.

Although majority of his posts are a reflection of his experiences and learning with respect to the communications industry (PR); as is expected of someone who has spent close to a decade swimming through the sea of changes the industry has been through, both in India and overseas, the manner in which they are presented is surprisingly, positive. Most blog posts are compelling enough for the reader to nod his head along to as they are well substantiated with logic.

Aesthetically, the blog is laid out in the simplest of manner without much jazz as seen in contemporary personal blogs. One look at the page and it is evident that Amith is quite methodical in his approach and knows his tricks of the trade well. In closing, his attempt at using the medium to the utmost while staying true to the art of blogging in its most nascent form demands his entitlement as our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.


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