Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Captain Anup Murthy

anup murthyAviation industry is probably one of those sectors that amalgamate tourism, hospitality and infrastructure industries within one hot furnace and accounts for a major chunk of the world’s economic churn out. In a manner of speaking, Captain Anup Murthy, our Blogger of the Fortnight, who has over 25 years of experience in the field of aviation, has justifiably contributed to this ever growing sector in ways more than one.

Captain Murthy is an avid traveler who likes touching upon places and leaving a mark upon various soils. Currently, he is the Director at Jeteezy Pte Limited that specializes in aviation consulting, aircraft sales, charter flights and other aviation related advisory services.

Murthy takes time out to write his blog,, which he sees more as his online diary. It is a way to talk about his many sojourns and hold conversations besides sharing his perspective on aviation, travel and socio-economic situations across locations he has traveled to. His blog gives a glimpse into the life of an aviator.

Most posts in the blog are well etched out, complete and resourceful with ample amount of photographs and videos that are either self shot or gathered from trusted sources that give genuine information. Blogs such as ‘100 Years of aviation in Singapore’ are a brilliant insight to how aviation industry has grown. Also his blogs on aviation shows and world war II hangers give the blog a holistic range.

In a first person narrative, Murthy documents his experience of stay, right from when he reaches till he leaves the place; all along the way, sharing any information that he thinks could be of help to the reader or a potential tourist seeking vital but lesser available info.

The style of writing is intrinsically fictional, where most posts appear to be in a form of a tale of the traveler. The blog is quite compelling a read if one is into long haul tales from the distant exotic lands if you ask us. For those who share our inkling towards such blog tales, we strongly recommend our Bloggerati of the fortnight, Captain Anup Murthy.

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