Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Minu CP

MinuMinu CP. is an architect and planner by profession and is the co-founder of architectural firm Ravi and Minu based out of Bengaluru, India. With more than a decade of invaluable experience in the construction/housing and development sector, Minu has successfully been able to spread her expertise through her blog that she manages alongside her daily routine.

Her blog aims at guiding  concerned individuals and institutions across various aspects of construction and design of houses  in general. The main idea is

to streamline the process of understanding the sector and make it enjoyable. It also provides key inputs on construction that need to be considered before the actual groundwork commences. And then proceed towards the end gradually covering all other dynamics. We couldn’t agree more with the blog descriptor that says, ‘Architect explains house construction: from conception to completion’

Minu has very meticulously addressed issues pertaining to building contractors, vaastu shastra, lighting, paints et al that goes into the whole exercise of house building. With citing various sources of procuring ideas and material for construction to giving a lowdown on crucial elements that makes learning about the brick and mortar industry an easy joyride, she has indeed put in a lot of effort there.

Her flow of language is easy to associate with and as is apparent from her blog posts. Any topic that she is chooses to write upon is first introduced by her in a way a personal consultant would. She then proceeds to break down the topic/concept in an easy to understand bulleted manner as and where it befits.

From the look of it, the blog layout is aesthetically soothing and simple. The topics are clearly marked out in bold and each topic is duly supplemented with supporting photos/links. Needless to say, Minu’s portrayal of this sector to most laymen is most impressive and that’s what entitles her to be our ‘Bloggerati of the fortnight.’

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