Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Amit Anand

AmitAmit Anand from the capital of India, New Delhi, is an Independent Fashion blogger and fashion writer who is also a business consultant for Singapore/UK based management consultant firm. Amit’s blog Dreaming of Gucci specifically targets the menswear apparel line and various trends catering to the men’s style and fashion. He travels to various fashion shows held domestically/internationally and shares his opinions on them.

Amit’s blog is a hotspot for fashionistas and quite popular in the fashion circles. His posts are presented in a slick and smart manner, relevantly assisted with various supporting videos and photographs. His blog also contains updates and links to various events and trend forecasts from the industry.

With over a decade of experience in the field of management consultancy and having offered his invaluable inputs across various verticals like luxury retail, fashion, beauty and wellness, travel, media and entertainment etc., Amit started his own Hi-street fashion blog that he manages professionally alongside his role as a consultant.

To say if we might, his way of engagement, be it through his writing individual stories or actively responding to the ever increasing appreciative comment thread, is exemplary. In his own words, he intends to become a staff writer for a highly circulated global fashion magazine or a reputed online fashion website in the luxury/high street in the long run. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if one spots him on the editorial section of a hi fashion magazine or blog in the times to come. He deserves to be there and it’s about time all the hard work and passion bears some fruit.

An enterprising individual with such accomplishments and ambition makes it befitting for him to be featured as our Bloggerati of the fortnight.

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