Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Rohit Sareen

rohit_sareenTravel and Photography they say are inseparable. One such blogger who has aptly justified this statement’s sanctity is Rohit Sareen. Even his blog name, ‘My Third Eye’ symbolizes that. In his own words, he sees himself as an engineer by degree, a manger by profession and an avid traveler, photographer and writer by passion who loves the rush of formula one and the thrill of movies.

This Mumbaikar’s blog is a traveler’s delight and a photographer’s encyclopedia woven in an artistic style that makes readers take notice and compels them to see it through till the end. The photo quality is superior and forms a good second hand exposure for anyone who might be willing to travel to that destination and doing some research on various aspects of the place.

Rohit, in a trademark first person narrative, has beautifully captured the charm of every place he has visited and thoughtfully documented it so as to give a glimpse into the socio cultural elements prevalent in the regions. Top it up with a smart ‘you might also like’ for a viewer who might have similar interests in a thumbnail format and you have a perfect dose of good reading and social sharing.

The site looks pretty captivating primarily because of the presence of High Definition images that are copyrighted by Rohit and posted. Also, the organization of the information is pretty slick too. From starting a blog because it was a cool thing to do to making it a serious attempt, Rohit has driven his blog a long way. No wonder Rohit has garnered some 30,000 views to his blog.

The ability to provide a great experience for those who have not been privileged enough to travel as him or those looking forward to gather some local information through surfing, entitles him to be our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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