Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Rhea Purnita Paine

clip_image002There are bloggers who try to do too many things and destroy their blog. Then there are bloggers who are so specific and niche that until they talk about matters you follow closely, you wouldn’t want to return to them. A good blog is one that can balance the need to be refreshing without doing too much. One such blog, Rheality Rings by Rhea Purnita Paine, is a classic example of a blog that reinvents itself with every post without losing its character.

Part rebel, part child, Rhea is a brilliant writer, photographer, doodler, sketcher and dreamer at large. Her interests are simply stated as ‘Living’ and live she does. It is for this reason that her blog also comes across alive. While you go through her pages, you feel a sense of life in each post. Be it the photo tour of India in ‘India on the move’ or the sketches in her ‘Arty Farty’ section, they all breath and come across with their individual stories.


It makes for a compelling reading. What it also does is makes you want to experience the thing you read about, yourself. And that is the true sign of a great blog. While you see the pictures from the gallery simply stated as ‘On way from the airport to Nandi Hills on a bike’ you would actually want to take that journey. The photographs are so alluring, it is impossible to escape the desire to experience the ride yourself.

Empty Ness
Vanessa do you know
they sold you an empty glass for a muse
An ashtray full of ruse
A pipe gone obtuse
Thought you’d be amused.
Instead you ended up used.
I knew her once
My Empty Ness of dreams
I knew her once
My Empty Ness in screams
I knew her once
My Empty Ness it seems

Even her writing is exemplary. The poems Rhea has penned are absolutely gripping. ‘Empty Ness’ is amongst one of her best written pieces. It tells a story that many would relate to, yet it brings out her experience in the simplest manner without losing the depth of the matter. Her command over the words make it that much more binding, compelling you to finish what you start reading. And that compels us to bestow the ‘Bloggerati of the Fortnight‘ title on her.

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