Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Urvashi Devidayal

Urvashi DevidayalHaving worked for a climate change organization for some time, Urvashi Devidayal has had a firsthand experience of how the world perceives this topic. According to her, while many people are starting to understand the jargon – very very few people actually are able to implement a sustainable life. Her blog, sustainability in my house, is an attempt at setting that wrong, right.

Through her blog, she tries to introduce simple concepts about sustainable living which can be implemented in daily life by everyone. Her growing up in Mumbai and her current stint in the city

makes her believe she was lucky to have seen quite an environmentally friendly, natural and a much healthier childhood. There were fewer chemicals, no plastic and fewer hormones pumped into food and yet everyone lived very happy healthy lives.

Urvashi insists that there are a number of ways to go back to the basics and learn from our families about the more natural ways of living a healthier life. She gives simple examples for the same. A case in point is “an egg and reetha used to be perfectly great to wash hair as compared to a chemical based shampoo.”

She does agree that life is more complicated today and change will be slow in coming. But she is quite convinced that the journey will lead to many discoveries, some easy to implement and some not so. And it is these discoveries that Urvashi has dedicated her blog to. Finding ways to buy the right products locally and also discovering some great family secrets to staying healthy!

Also, she has taken the pains to explain what various terms related to sustainability mean. Her endeavor is to make everyone understand the importance of the issue, not just know about it. According to her, every individual effort will lead to a mass sustainable environment. And for this noble thought, Urvashi Devidayal, is our bloggerati of the fortnight.

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