Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Vincent D’Souza

vincentTravel, photography, food, technology, economics, sport are some of the most common blogging subjects. But every now and then we come across a blog that is simply outstanding. The simplicity of a quiz blog may not match the visual standards of a photo or food or travel blog, but the content is simply unbelievable.

Quiz Master Vincent Augustine D’Souza is a blogger, author, and novelist. What we are more interested in is the blog post that he comes up on the Go 4 Quiz. Go 4 Quiz is a blog site he has created for trivia, public quizzes, general knowledge quizzes, Q&As etc.

Not that these are not available online, it is the compilation of varied topics that makes this blog so much more fun. Users can spend hours taking one quiz after another without getting bored. And while they are at it, the knowledge that they will get in unimaginable.

The range of topics covered in his blog goes from animals and countries to discoveries and sports and anything on which a quiz can be created. Some of the questions can leave you quite stumped too. A good example of this is the India quiz, where a lot of questions are deceptively simple looking but tricky to answer.



The fun of the site is not just the sheer volume of content it provides, but also the vast information that is bestows upon the reader. While we could debate about kids being on internet and how prudent is the idea, it is blogs like Go 4 Quiz that makes you think how powerful the tool can be.

And for this might effort of making the internet look like a safe bet with kids as well as any other user, we are proud to announce Vincent D’Souza as our Bloggerati of the Fortnight.

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