Bloggerati of the Fortnight: Anuradha Shankar

Anuradha STravel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind, which can ignite a creative spark in an individual to share their travel stories with the world. It can also give you an alternative path to venture while you wonder what life has in stored for you. One such traveler is Anuradha Shankar.

With a Masters degree in Physics and enrolled for a PhD, Anuradha was all set to become a scientist. But her life had a different path set for her. An avid traveler, she found her calling in sharing her stories with the world. Today she writes on a whole lot of stuff, but mainly on her journeys. Her writing has also fetched a nomination at the Best of Indian Blogosphere 2010 polls.

Humorous and simple, Anuradha’s writing comes across as refreshing and entertaining. It also shows an energetic buoyancy that a travel blog should have.

““Amma, there’s a frog on the toilet seat!!” That was Samhith, shouting loud enough for all the birds in the region to fly away in alarm. The cause of the ruckus turned out to be a tiny fellow sitting calmly on the toilet bowl, seemingly unaware of all the chaos he was causing.”

She has the uncanny knack of infusing a sense of hope in everything she describes. This not only helps to keep the reader glued but also builds up a positive tone. More importantly, it adds a touch of beauty to the entire setting.

Our journey began on a promising note, as we woke up the first morning in the train, to a sun screened by the mist, and dew covered spider webs all along the track.”

Not the one to miss the irony of the situation, Anuradha is true to her emotions. This is also reflected in her writing, giving the work a much more complete feeling. Also, it works towards compelling the reader to think.

As time passed and the bears disappeared again, the crowd of kids left, the natural calmness of the jungle returned. Just Samhith and another kid remained, clambering over the rocks like the bear cubs, talking nonsense, and providing entertainment for the others while the bears were away

But the best part of Anuradha’s writing is the aplomb with which she writes. Every word that she pens down seems to be well thought and well placed. Just like a perfect sunrise with the right amount of light and darkness giving it its mystic charisma and drawing the readers closer to the words they are reading.

“As the sun set over the rocks, even the kids seemed to calm down, and the bears returned,
coming down as far as the road.”

Like every new journey, Anuradha Shankar takes us on a new voyage with every blog post that she writes. Each post composed of its own magic and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by the readers. And for this, we crown her our “Bloggerati of the Fortnight.


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  2. Anu says:

    Hey, thanks guys for this… I dont know how, but I didnt see it till today, so sorry for the delay in acknowledgement… thanks so much for all the wonderful words.. never heard me or my blog described like this 🙂 I just got back from Lavasa after the wonderful trip, so shall link to this from the blog tomorrow 🙂


  3. Nisha says:

    Congrats! Way to go girl !
    And it was indeed great meeting you.


    Anu Reply:

    Thanks Nisha! It was great meeting you too…


  4. Windchimes Communications says:

    It is our pleasure Anuradha to have you as our Blogger of the Fortnight.


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