Who We Are
So what happens when two regular Johnnies, with regular marketing and communication jobs get together over tea (a common passion) to discuss communication (another common passion)? Windchimes!

Tired of cribbing about how sick we were with the way communication was being done, we were left with little choice but to start off something on our own. And voila… Windchimes saw the light of day!

We would be lying through our teeth if we said, it was easy. It was anything but. To get hurled from the security of 9 to 5 jobs to the insanity of setting up a company was overwhelming – on the good days. Don’t even ask us about the bad days. What kept us going you ask? Our belief in the potential of social media. In our previous corporate avatars we often asked ourselves, ‘How do we make communication more real, more human?’ Windchimes has become our answer. And every single day our faith gets reaffirmed that with social media we can change the way communication is done.

Why Windchimes?
Is there a deep rooted philosophy behind our name? Well, we could give a load of bull about how the name came about. But there is a very simple explanation. We fell in love with the name.

It was happy, positive and joyful. Everything we wanted our company to be. The name ‘Windchimes’ just popped into our heads out of nowhere one fine day, and just stuck there. And we hope to be the wind that will produce melodious music for brands in the online world.

Follow our journey of setting up Windchimes on our Blog.